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Monday, September 25, 2006


Wow, thanks to all who made my birthday special. Flo was great to invite some of the young ladies to hang out. Thanks Leah and Tammy and Ashlee for being present!! Anyway, I had to sadly work on my birthday, so I wore a ribbon stating it was my birthday(thanks mom and flo for finding one)

Not only was it my birthday but it was also my cousin Lilly's birthday and then China's was on the 19th. Faye's was on the 23rd. Davids was the 23rd, and another cousins was on the 23rd. And I used to think I was alone. This was the first year I remember my birthday being BEFORE Knoxville Campmeeting. Didn't realize how special it was being during campmeeting. Although it was nice to be with family too.

Anyway, back to the grindstone. Not been to aweful busy today, which it normally is packed. I'm sure it will be busy tomorrow. Anyway for all of you...

Who are going to Knoxville, be careful and have a great time in fellowship and service. I hope the whole week goes well. My mother and Flo are leaving on Wednesday (wish I was going:( ) oh well maybe next year. Anyway, have funnnn all of you.

Friday, September 22, 2006




Thank you for going through the morning sickness, and labor and all the things you had to put up with me through the years.

Thank you for your consistancy and example of what true salvation can do to your life. I would not be doing what I'm doing today if I had any other mother. I love you and appreciate you for all that you do.

I love you!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

100 things you didn't know about me

1. I have a pen fetish (i work in an office)
2. I always wanted to be an actress
3. I have a fondness for thunderstorms
4. I hate my job
5. My family laughs at me when I get upset
6. I used to want to be a standup comedian
7. I was constantly made fun of in school (not because of religion)
8. I rarely studied in high school and college
9. I have a fear of cave crickets (they are the devil)
10. I used to be baptist and one time
11. I had a pet duck named Petunia
12. I have milked a cow before(a lot actually)
13. I wanted to be a professional singer
14. I don't like change
15. But I feel I adapt easily
16. When I did study I would teach to an empty room
17. I failed geometry the first go round
18. I wanted an afro at one time
19. At one time I didn't want to have children
20. I have changed my mind since then
21. Newborns scare me
22. My father said I should have become a lawyer
23. My first sleep over with a friend was when I was 12
24. I was/am a momma's girl
25. I used to have a fear of using public restrooms
26. I only went to the bathroom one time during my only summer camp
27. I love my family even when it malfunctions
28. Sometimes my face turns red when I walk in a room full of people
29. I used to broadcast news with a hairbrush(as a mic) while my mom cooked dinner
30. I'm not a snobby person, just shy when I first meet or get to know people
31. I used to do commercials for my pawpaw's(Bro.McCleskey) vitamins
32. When I was 4 I would look through a J.C.Penny's book and wanted to be a "Bapatist"
33. My worse nightmare would be a bed full of snakes
34. Can you imagine snakes on a plane?
35. I would pray to fall out of an airplane toilet
36. I used to make up songs, out loud, I still do that
37. My name in Spanish class was Lola
38. A "Zero" bar and "Dr.Pepper" is the best treat ever
39. I can't shut my mind off when I try to go to sleep
40. I can't stand it when people blow their nose in public
41. My grandmother(McCleskey) used to make us walk around with books on our heads
42. We used to play guitars made out of tennis rackets
43. I was almost a cheerleader in 8th grade
44. I AM a Bama fan
45. I once went to an Auburn/Arkansas game
46. I got a sunburn while there
47. It was on top of poison ivy
48. I wish I were shorter
49. I like to wear heels
50. I once hit myself in the head with 2 golfballs
51. "The Nutcracker" is my favorite ballet (and music) ever.
52. I fall upstairs
53. I fall downstairs too
54. Sometimes I fall quite gracefully
55. I love jellybeans
56. Superman is my favorite superhero
57. Fruit Loops are my kryptonite
58. I once told some kids who were mean to me that we owned slaves; they left me alone that day.
59. I grew up in the 80's- "hair" bands rocked
60. I used to headbang
61. I still like "hair" bands
62. I would rather clean a toilet than do the dishes
63. I have to clean the toilet before I puke in it
64. People say I sound like "Hank the Cowdog" when I really laugh
65. We once went over a hay bail in a semi, and I wet myself (I was 8)
66. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger
67. I also wanted to be an ice skater
68. So I was practicing on polished hardwood floors, and I busted my tooth when I fell
69. I still wanted to be an ice skater
70. I can sew a little
71. I cleaned the house the day my family butchered hogs
72. I don't like "house" animals, all animals belong outside
73. I have a fear of dogs
74. I like making up words
75. I can't keep a plant alive
76. I place more responsibility on myself than I should
77. I inherited my mothers work ethic
78. I inherited my fathers need to fix other peoples problems
79. I don't think I fit in with my family
80. I don't think I'm a good manager-I'm to picky
81. My mom says I'm her "Jo" (from "Little Women")
82. I was the only child my parents would let go with them on a tractor trailor trip
83. I don't like talking on the phone
84. I used to play paper dolls in the back of the semi, on trips with my parents
85. the best sleep is in the back of a semi.
86. I tend to giggle when I get really sleepy
87. I also start to stutter
88. If I'm that tired I usually end up talking in my sleep
89. I have never been on an airplane
90. I love road trips
91. I'm itching to go on one now
92. But I can't ever get off of work
93. I used to get car sick (and still do at times)
94. My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii
95. My favorite song is "Gotta Have Faith"
96. I wanted to marry Michael Jackson (when he was still a man)
97. I have a rich Amish heritage
98. I'm glad they can have toilets in their house
99. I'm scared of outhouses and portapotties
100. It took me all day to come up with this list.


Wow, this has been a very busy day at the office. We had 4 people in the waiting room at one time. I suppose that could be signs of progress (we are a relatively new office). However I think it must be due to the LOVELY change in the weather. It was such a beautiful day and sunshine and a lovely breeze, it was very cheery today I must say.

Anyway, it has slowed down a little this afternoon. Looking forward to tonights service. Have lots to do to plan for the weekend. FRIDAY is my 27th birthday. I am more excited about this birthday than I have been since I turned 16. I have no clue as to why its even important, maybe I feel more mature, that its the one day I can act like a nut? That must be it. So I have to work on my B'day (unreliable people) so I am going to scout out a button or a crown or something to let all my patients know its my birthday. Maybe I will make a t-shirt or something. We will have to find out.

Anyway, here is to a good rest of the day..


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

First of Many (I hope)

Well I'm sure whoever you are, you know me so I will skip introductions and shove you into the depths of my day (on average).

Morning, tired, don't want to get out of bed(wouldn't be so bad if I'd make it in earlier). But alas, getting ready for my 30 minute trip I take 3 mornings a week to Decatur, where my main office is. 2 wonderful days of the week, i get 10 minutes extra sleep, I go to Hunstville (a satellite office). I don't think the lady I work with likes me too much right now. I'm a manager, and I seem to be giving her more things to do, so that I can get my things done. I hope she will get over it soon. I don't like working like that.

I sought salvation on Sunday, and I am happy to report that I feel amazingly better. Just knowing that you have the Lord to turn to whenever you have a problem is worth a million friends in the world. They don't want to see you happy anyway, as long as you are doing what they want to do they will stick around, but the minute you have an opinion or desire different from theirs they will ditch you and move to the next person. Thank God for the Saints that are always there to uplift and encourage you in time of need. It is good to be saved!