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Monday, November 12, 2007

Rat Tails

Well a couple of weeks ago we discovered we had a rat. 1st sign, I have an electrical box in the corner of my kitchen where the sink and stove are. the wires run up through the ceiling to the attic, well there were chunks of the sheet rock on my counter, I couldn't figure out what it was, i just kept cleaning it off well, a couple days after that I found the droppings, these were pretty good size too. Well I had to go get something out of the kitchen one night, and turned on the light then saw the rat run (fast) up in the hole. Bad reaction on my part, my poor husband almost didn't get any sleep. The next day mom and I went back in the house, and she stuffed steel wool pads up in the hole. Well the next day the hole was bigger, he had chewed around the steel wool and came back down. David saw it the next time, we were coming in from church he turned on the light and saw it scatter up the hole. We restuffed the hole, next day no sign of forced entry from the hole, The attic wasn't sealed up so that was done too.

Well at about 4:45am this past Friday morning, I startle awake hearing our closet (smaller bedroom) door that is right by our bed rattle, then (of course I'm hiding behind David) I hear lapping of water(you know like what a dog does). "What is that?" Rolling over my husband says "Nothing, go back to sleep." Next I hear a large thump in the attic. Davids awake now looking at the ceiling. Next I hear a movement that sounds like it is between our mattress and the wall, I sleep by the wall, so I am terrified that the rat is going to get in bed with us, so i am moving even closer to my husband trying to get away from the wall, then we hear the thing up in the attic again, then something in the wall. David says "Well, it can't come down so just go back to sleep" By the way, our exterminator threw rat poison up in the attic, the kind where its suppose to dry them out and they go outside looking for water. Well our room is by the bathroom, and David carries a drink to bed with him, so I am lying there terrified it will end up in our toilet or shower or drink out of Davids water. I CANNOT GO BACK TO SLEEP, how he did with that noise I will never know. He had to go to work early, so I left with him. I am so hyper during the day and scared of going home and being by myself. I can't think strait most of Friday.

5:30pm I get home, drag the trash can through the fence, and I look at the house, there is this HUGE, I mean HUGE thing crawling off the roof into the eave. Dark grey I mean HUGE. I left the trash can, amazingly shut the gate behind me JUST in case the thing starts chasing me, since I have screamed bloody murder, and run in very uncomfortable shoes to my car, get in lock the door and just SCREAM, and then start SOBBING. I drive to moms house and AM just sobbing and shaking and shaking and sobbing, I bang on the door and when she opens it, just run in and proceed to tell her in great detail what I saw. I am a basket case, never have I been so terrified in my life, EVER!! Well my husband wants to take a shower when he gets home so I make him get his clothes, he does, we end up spending the night in the parsonage.

Saturday, David and Peter block up the huge hole in the eave, after they check in the attic to make sure nothing is in there. They block up several more holes in the house. Block up a hole under the house, and everything should be ok. We try to sleep there that night, I start hearing like a chewing sound in the same wall, no loud thumping like the morning before, just chewing, I cannot get to sleep, so we go back over to the parsonage again.

Sunday, Church, eat, take a nap, Yay, in the house, nothing bothering me, Sunday night slept good, woke up at 4, 5, 6, around 6:30 i hear the chewing again, still don't know what it is, but we bought glue traps and havn't seen anymore droppings so hopefully the problem is at bay.


Thursday, November 01, 2007

Praise the Lord

Hey there, We would like to praise the Lord for a special answer to prayer. We requested prayer this past week for David that this would not be anything serious. Praise the Lord he has answered the prayer of the saints. It is not a serious problem we were preparing for. Praise the Lord what a relief for us.

In other news, nothing much is happening life is plugging along and hopefully will slow down some time in the near future. David is getting a few more hours than what he has been, and I am trying to get my 40 too. But God knows what we need, and will take care of us.

But praise the Lord, David is feeling much better from his other sickness. So praise the Lord, for his many blessing.


Faith Persle