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Monday, December 18, 2006


Just wanted to write a quick update to let ya'll know I am still around. Just working hard and extra activities of the Holiday's and other exciting things going on.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

WOW Hello Again!!

Our Family

My New Glasses, going to take some getting used to.
A good fan, WERE #1, and when she found out we lost:(

So to all of my fans out there waiting on pins and needles for an update, here it is. I have quit the Dr's office for good. I get really bored on my new job quite often, but search for things to do, so that makes me feel like a good worker and I am getting good feed back, Praise The Lord.

So thanksgiving has come and past and Christmas will be here shortly, I'm so thankful for God sending his son to live and die for our sins to be forgiven, there is no better way to celebrate Christmas, than to live the life Christ died for us to be able to live. Merry Christmas and heres to many years being saved and sin free.

So I have refused to give in to the commercialization of Christmas, by avoiding going shopping. I have grown to loath shopping the older I have gotten, unless I know a specific thing to go in and get, it doesn't thrill me to go shopping even to look. I do have a few family members I would like to get some gifts for, so I suppose the only way to get them now is to go into the overcrowded, overheated stores and spend some money. Its to late to shop online WHAH!! Oh well, I'm over it.

So to those that are waiting for some pics, because i don't think I ever put any up, i will try to attach them somehow. Keep God first and stay encouraged