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Friday, February 03, 2012

What to do with left over chicken?

Earlier in the week I had pan fried (with Pam) a pack of chicken tenders and made me a salad. Well I had portioned the others out and stuck them in the fridge.

Today I was hungry not for a salad but something more. Well I didn't want chicken salad either, I wanted a sandwich with buffalo wing sauce. So I pulled out a flour tortilla, some cream cheese with onion and chives, the buffalo sauce, and lite ranch. Put it all together and came up with this.

So that is 2 chicken tenders pre cooked 120
1 flour tortilla we need wheat 140
1 tbsp of the cream cheese 35
1 tbsp of buffalo wing sauce 0
1 tbsp of ken's lite rance 40
Total 335

Looking back I don't think that I had to put the cream cheese in there with the ranch. I plan on getting some lower calorie tortilla's too, to get even less.

I was suppose to go to the gym this morning, but with Stinker getting up like she did, and worrying over something I shouldn't have, I lost sleep. So I decided to just sleep through my gym time. Anyway I have been busy this morning anyway, giving all the kids a bath for revival tonight, ironing our clothes, and doing a load of laundry. So on my iPhone app I was looking up exercises last night, it was amusing but I decided to use them today. I have not been going over my calories since Sunday, so I want to keep that up for sure. Any exercise is better than none at all.

Ironing 15 minutes -71 calories burned, haha
Bathing 15 minutes -66 calories burned, this is for bathing 3 kids, vigorously scrubbing scalps, pulling on them to stand up to wash, and then running all over the tub trying to rinse them off, I feel like this one should be more.

Anyway, its hard to get everything into one post and so I might have a couple or none everyday, just keep checkin. Hope to keep inspiring!!


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